Our company is engaged in designing, manufacturing and installation of structures and products made of safety glass and mirrors.
Glass constructions become a mandatory part of any modern interior.
The ability to combine the visual light and at the same time the strength and reliability makes them unsuitable in many places.
Glass constructions will decorate any interior. Make it more stylish and modern. Add originality and accentuate the style of any office, home, shopping mall, or any other premises.
For the manufacture of glass designs Glass Construct uses safety glass. Tempered glass - safety glass, which has high strength and can withstand a greater load without breaking.
If we manage to break tempered glass, it breaks into small crumbs no more than 1 cm and is not capable of causing serious injury or threaten human life and health.
Triplex - safety glass, consisting of several layers of glass and film. As part of the laminated glass can be used as ordinary glass or tempered.
The advantage of laminated glass is that when the destruction of the glazed opening remains closed, and the pieces are glued to hang on the film, which in turn makes it possible not to be afraid to be seriously injured by shrapnel.
Fittings for glass structures is an important element. In his designs Glass Construct uses only proven reliable hardware suppliers and guarantees its quality and durability. When designing our specialists take into account all the features of construction, taking into account load, thus avoiding unnecessary loads on components of the compounds and allow for longer use it.
Each project is treated individually and help to implement in the life of your unique ideas..