RAL colors table from the Classic Collection

   Attention! The colors on the monitor screen DIFFERENTLY differ from the printed originals due to the color rendering characteristics. This table can not serve as an online catalog and is provided for informational purposes only. Catalog RAL CLASSIC currently contains 213 colors, including 15 pearlescent, 5 luminescent, and 2 iron.

 The color name in the RAL CLASSIC table consists of a four-digit number in combination with the prefix "RAL" (for example, RAL 1037). The first digit is the shade code (1 - yellow, 2 - orange, 3 - red, 4 - violet, 5 - blue, 6 - green, 7 - gray, 8 - brown, 9 - white and black). The remaining three digits are selected sequentially. The Russian-language color name (for example, "solar-yellow" for RAL 1037) is not normative, only numbers are enough to designate the color.